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Icotera is an innovative leader in Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) gateways, and partnered with CSide to offer advanced Smart Home solutions.

Through this strategic partnership, Icotera’s customers - service providers in the telecommunication and energy sector – take a step forward towards a world with sustainable and more efficient homes, by integrating advanced smart grid technologies over a broadband infrastructure.

Several hundreds of thousands of customers in Europe use Icotera Gateways to benefit from their advanced FTTH broadband infrastructure. Following the growing demand from service providers and network operators, Icotera now deploys a wider range of innovative market-driven Smart Home value propositions and business models.

Bundling advanced energy management services, heating automation and Smart Home services, Icotera’s offer has a complete range of value-added services covering four key areas: Advanced Energy Management Tools, Home Automation Services, Security & Video Surveillance, Next Step Broadband Tools.

CSide CEO, Francisco Gonçalves, commented “This strategic partnership with Icotera helps telecommunication and utilities companies engage their customers with a unique and powerful service portfolio. Bundling advanced optical fibre infrastructure with cloud-based technologies enables innovative broadband and energy management services to consumers, increasing their comfort and safety.”

Icotera CCO, Danny van der Poel added “The Smart Home platform is a fantastic add-on service to our high-quality Fiber-to-the-Home gateways. Our gateways are centred around bringing fast and reliable internet connections to end-users through our customers’ superior fibre-network infrastructure to give end-users a great internet experience. The partnership with CSide enables us to improve this experience even further by offering a great Smart Home platform through our gateways, to deliver fantastic opportunities for additional revenue streams for our customers and excellent Smart Home services to their subscribers”.



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EnergiMidt partnered with CSide for a project to enable customers to benefit from advanced home security, automation and energy management services. Customers are able to monitor their energy consumption; remotely protect their homes against intrusion, fire or floods; and automate and manage their homes more efficiently.

The system allows users to remotely control appliances and heating, optimizing energy savings while keeping comfortable and increasing their safety. The efficient management of heating is particularly important, so the platform lets consumers monitor and control remotely their heating appliances.

EnergiMidt also partnered with the local Securitas monitoring centre, which enables users to temporarily sign over their alerts to Securitas.

This project also explores new business potential with load management, district heating and multi-utility meter reading (electricity, gas and water).




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