Advanced Energy Services







Ensuring the most current and accurate meter data.



CSide’s Meter Data Management tools gather meter data from middleware platforms to provide meter to cash external billing, meter data analytics, value-added services and revenue protection approaches.
Our platform manages different communication protocols to collect and store meter data, which is then analysed and compiled into informative statistics and reports. It also performs outage management and revenue protection, supporting operations and maintenance.


Real-time Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) guarantees clean meter data that can be reliably analysed later. Service providers are given full control of the VEE process with customizable validation and estimation rules, as well as immediate notifications if problems arise.




CSide analyses meter data to identify usage consumption patterns, suggest energy efficiency tips, detect anomalies and understand new ways to make utilities businesses more efficient, as well as their customers.



To perform advanced data analytics, our platform converts huge volumes of meter data into usable knowledge. This knowledge can be used in a lot of ways, such as to launch energy efficiency and/or rebate programs. Or for utilities to learn about their customers and usage patterns, which can make their businesses more efficient.
These tools enable to create load profiles by extracting available consumption data and evaluate it against data from other sources. For example, by crossing this information with consumer surveys or weather data.


Meter data analysis makes businesses more efficient: from the detection of abnormal consumption patterns to the identification of consumers that are more likely to participate in energy efficiency/rebate programs.



An innovative way to let your customers learn about their energy consumption using user-friendly and intuitive energy reports.



CSide strengthens relationships between service providers and consumers through user-friendly and intuitive reports that provide innovative ways to understand and manage electricity, gas and water consumption. Periodic consumption reports are an important tool not only to save resources but also to build a trusting relationship with your customers.
CSide’s periodic consumption reports are a cornerstone of consumer engagement, informing and educating customers about their energy use and encouraging them to be more efficient.


Our platform creates unique consumption reports for each consumer by combining behavioural science, user centric design, usage pattern analysis, and smart tips to help additional savings.




Understand how your customers use energy at home or when they are away and make your business more efficient.



The use of weather forecasts to predict electricity consumption and solar power generation helps towards a better management of the different energy systems. Together with automation features, consumers can take advantage of automatic load management and maximize the use of their energy when it is cheaper.
By applying advanced statistical modelling, our platform generates accurate forecasts of energy consumption and uses this data to achieve a better energy management, and improve business intelligence through reporting and data visualization.


CSide’s forecasting and estimation tools allow service providers to move on from historical-based BI capabilities to high performance business analytics, along with new smart-grid related applications, advanced demand response programs, higher renewable energy penetrations and new dynamic pricing models.



Demand response minimizes the risk of potential disturbances in the smart grid, reduces the peak demand for electricity and increases the overall system reliability.



CSide's Demand Response application enables service providers to send customers price signals and the ability to implement advanced demand response programs. The usage of home and business appliances, heating and air conditioning can be reduced according to a prioritization plan during periods of high demand or high wholesale prices.
Demand Response is a solution used by utilities to use price signals to help reduce or manage peak load during high cost peak times. Consumers can decide to participate in demand response programs based on pre-planned criteria, such as personal budgets or their environmental awareness.


An effective demand response program is able to minimize the risk of potential disturbances, reduce the peak demand for electricity, and increase electric system reliability and gain economic efficiencies for both consumers and utilities.




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