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We are a software house, developing services and applications that enable service providers, utilities and telecommunication companies to make a difference in emerging value-added areas for business and residential segments. Our applications engage customers by providing new services associated with energy efficiency, end-user energy reports, smart grids, smart homes, gas and water consumption, heating metering, and security and video surveillance.


We are intuitive, curious, inventive, practical and bold, which allows us to create new ideas for our customers, our business and employees.


Success requires teamwork. We are collaborative and respect the contributions of each person to the team’s success.


Know-how from experience. Our team gathers technicians, designers and engineers with extensive experience and solid technical background.


We exist to serve our customers. Our success will be determined by how well we perform for our customers.

our mission

Our aim is to ensure that our Energy Management and Smart Home solutions are easily available to every consumer in the world, and that it works independently of the hardware our customers choose to install. We want consumers everywhere to be able to access the full range of our applications.

The mission of our company is to help our customers deliver new, exciting and profitable services to their consumers.

let us show you the future


Solar Self-Consumption






Varen dom - Holiday Example

Telekom Slovenije


Varen dom - Usage Example

Telekom Slovenije


Energy Management


Welcome to the Future




OUR brand

The essence of our brand is connected to the most dynamic element on earth, the sea and its rich interactions with earth, the seaside. We are open, expressive, dynamic and different and this approach is reflected in our multi-sensory brand, encompassing movement, sounds, interaction and emotion.

Our brand is based on the needs and priorities of our customers and reflects an innovative company for a new era of services and solutions. Our brand values represent the way we think, speak and act towards our customers: with a contemporary positive language that reflects the fresh approaches of our company.

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